Asscher Cut Diamonds

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The media has played a huge role in the increasing popularity of the Asscher Cut Diamond . Since the early episodes of US television hit Sex and the City, and celebrity engagements, such as Kate Hudson, the Asscher Cut diamond is now hugely back in fashion.

The Asscher Cut History

The Asscher Cut  was produced in 1902 by the Asscher Brothers in Amsterdam and is a 58 faceted Cut. It was the first signature cut to be patented. The Royal Asscher Company was founded in 1954 and is still regarded as one of the world’s premier diamond cutters with a client list that includes royalty and A-list celebrities. The Asscher cut is a stepped square cut, like the emerald cut, and has cropped corners. It is designed to focus the eye on the diamond, not the setting. Originally the designs matched the art deco style of pre First World War Europe but the appeal still lasts a century later and fulfils a retro demand for beautiful diamonds in a solid square format.

High Fashion

The current fashion appeal seems to centre on the focus of the diamond and there is a retro feel to the cut. Simply put the diamond is the star, ensuring the piece is not too feminine or fancy. Though the retro art deco them is often copied the Asscher cut is widely regarded as the setting that encapsulated the art deco period of grace and elegance.

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