18ct. Gold: The Facts you Need to Know

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18ct. Gold: The Facts you Need to Know

The Facts About 18ct. Gold

Gold is a chemical element with the chemical symbol, Au and an atomic number of 79, it is one of the ‘noble metals’, so called because unlike most base metals, noble metals are resistant to corrosion and oxidation in moist air. Noble metals such as gold are also easy to clean and keep clean for a long time. They tend to be precious metals, due to their rarity in nature, a precious metal being a naturally occurring metallic chemical element of high economic value and are less reactive than most elements. They are usually ductile and have a high lustre like 18ct. Gold.

Often used as a valuable and highly sought after precious metal for coinage and jewellery since long before the beginning of recorded history, Gold has also been used as a ‘gold standard’ to underpin monetary systems in which the standard economic unit of account is based on a fixed quantity the precious metal.

A common misconception is that 9ct gold is harder wearing than 14ct or 18ct gold. 9ct. Gold has an industry defined hardness rating of 120, whilst 18ct. measured on the same (Vickers) scale has a rating of 125 and whilst this would imply that 18ct. Gold is harder, in practical terms 9ct. Gold and 18ct. Gold are very much the same.

18ct. Gold is in fact 18 parts Gold 6 parts other metal(s), forming an alloy of 75% pure Gold and typically 16% Silver and 9% Copper, making it ductile, malleable and highly durable with a very high ‘wearabilty factor’. It has that wonderful bright yellow colour and lustre which is so highly attractive and why we use it often in many of our Diamond jewellery collections. Of the world consumption of new gold produced, around 50% is in fact used in jewellery, with the balance of 40% used for investments and the remaining 10% for industrial purposes. At ComparetheDiamond.com (formerly diamondgeezer.com), we are the designers and manufacturers of what we sell and are able to offer an unparalleled service to you for any Diamond jewellery you may require. Diamond Wedding Rings, Eternity or Engagement Rings, Earrings, Diamond Pendants and much, much more in 18ct. Gold – especially for you!

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