3D Printing Of Jewellery

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3D Printing Of Jewellery

The World in 3D

3D printing has stunned us all. The very idea that it is possible to print a 3D copy of a movable object has captured our imagination. Is it really possible to print rice, or, for that matter a gun or car, or how about rings and priceless pieces of jewellery in 3D?


What you Need to Know

Invented in 1984 by Chuck Hull and his company, in the USA, 3D printing is the process of making a 3D solid object from any size of digital model. So fax a picture of a ring, and given the right materials and programming the printer will build a 3D version of the ring. 3D printing uses an additive process. This means it uses layers to create the 3D object. 3D printing is already in regular use in architecture, construction, industrial design, automobile manufacturer and electronics. Also in biotech and medical sectors and, interestingly in jewellery.


Jewellery and 3D Printing ?

For many years, jewellers used 3D printing to help with some parts of traditional design and manufacture. 3D printing made the concept of prototyping and tooling a lot quicker and designs could be tested cheaply and without slowing the overall process. 3D printing has been central to the CAD process for a while.

However the jewellery industry is now very interested in the potential of using the 3D printing process to replace the traditional manufacturing process as a whole.

New technology, such as Direct Metal Laser Sintering has enabled 3D printers to use titanium and stainless steel as raw materials meaning that exquisite watches and timepieces could be created from 3D transformation.companies are close to releasing composite gold and silver as workable materials too.


3D Printing Revolution

Once this happens and more jewellery styles can be incorporated, then the $150 billion worldwide jewellery trade will be ready for the 3D revolution.

ComparetheDiamond.com (formerly diamondgeezer.com) have already invested heavily in the new technology.

We have acquired the perfactory micro desktop 3D printer which has an impressive resolution. The Perfactory Micro System produces the finest detail in the shortest period of time using an LED light source and is ideal for jewellers as the machine is so compact. With the machines constantly advancing very individual, personal pieces are able to be created.

You want to know more about 3D printing? The impact on the jewellery industry? Our team here at ComparetheDiamond.com (formerly diamondgeezer.com) are always here to help and can explain this technology and its role in creating beautiful diamond jewellery that can be found in our online shop.