10 Ways to Propose

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10 Ways to Propose


The Best 10 Ways to Propose

A proposal is a major life event for all those involved and to ensure the perfect proposal or even just to give you a few ideas I have come up with 10 ways to propose to a girl some are insanely romantic others are fun and playful.

1. First on my list of 10 ways to propose, the traditional proposal of course. Taking her to her favourite restaurant, buy a bottle of their finest champagne and get down on one knee and pop that question with her perfect ring from ComparetheDiamond.com (formerly diamondgeezer.com).

2. Tie a red ribbon to the front door leading all the way around the house with notes tied onto it reminiscing parts of your relationship, include all sorts of memories from romance – to silly fights you laugh about now. When she gets to the end of the ribbon you should be there on one knee with a beautiful diamond ring.

3. Why not hire a skywriter to spell out your proposal making sure that she looks up to the sky at the right moment and when she looks back down be on one knee ready to propose.

4. Take her to her favourite place and book a romantic B&B. Wake her up to breakfast in bed with a stunning diamond ring. Similar to Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon who were vacationing in Charleston at a B&B, when Ryan popped the question after serving her waffles with strawberries and cream.

5. Create a personalised fortune cookie with the fortune being “Will You Marry Me?”. Even put the perfect ComparetheDiamond.com (formerly diamondgeezer.com) ring inside, like the proposal in the film Bride Wars.

6. Remember glow in the dark stars? Get a bunch and spell out will you marry me with the stars, on the ceiling over your bed and turn the lights out when you’re both in bed and wait for her to see. Then pop the lights back on revealing the engagement ring.

7. Why not propose by creating a sign that says that special question. Although its simple it is romantic and there are a whole load of people that are creative and add a personal touch like Chad Kroger did when he proposed to Avril Lavigne. He took a picture of himself holding up a sign saying ‘Will you Marry Me?’ and then stuck it into a scrap book she was making at the time.

8. Next on my list of 10 ways to propose, take her to Paris. After all it is the city of romance and at the very top of the Eiffel tower or with the Eiffel Tower as a stunning backdrop ask her to marry you like in this video. Tom Cruise proposed in this very way to Katie Holmes.

9. Don’t feel like Paris? Why not take her to the Empire State building in New York and propose at the top of one of the tallest buildings in the world. Just the other day musician Christopher French proposed to actress Ashley Tisdale up there.

10. Don’t worry ladies I haven’t forgotten you, if you want to propose to your man instead, (there is nothing wrong with that, it’s what Pink did) why not follow the ancient tradition which allows ladies to propose to their man on the 29th of February. You only have to wait until 2016 where you could take him on a romantic holiday to Ireland. Why not check out ComparetheDiamond.com (formerly diamondgeezer.com) for engagement rings for men. I hope that helped! Why not post your own Proposal stories or ideas here.